Valuable Pest Control in Kennesaw, Georgia

No one wants insects inside their home or business, but it's an inevitable part of a property owner's life. Insects and other small pests seemingly find ways to enter a building regardless of how well external openings are sealed. Small pest problems can typically be handled using over-the-counter products, but when the situation is escalated, owners need the help of the best professional Pest Control Kennesaw has to offer.

Leave Termite Eradication to the Professionals

The most harmful pest to both commercial and residential properties is the termite since it has the ability to create massive structural damage while going virtually unnoticed. This type of infestation needs to be handled by the professional exterminators, like Truly Nolen, who can provide the most effective Termite Control Kennesaw has ever seen. By conducting thorough inspections, these experts can formulate a treatment plan that eliminates the current colony, utilizes proper treatment methods for both the inner and outer environments, and set up a timetable for periodic check-ups.

Eliminate The Chance of Unwanted Contamination

When a property owner discovers signs of rodent activity, health concerns immediately arise. Rats and mice reproduce rapidly and bring contamination with them, so ignoring the situation can lead to a serious problem. Companies like Truly Nolen are well-versed in rodent removal and can effectively remove the pests within a short time frame. Once the rodents are gone, the team will set about sealing potential entryways, sanitizing the areas where nesting took place, and consulting with the property owners on practices to enact that will prevent as well as deter rats or mice from returning.

Don't Risk Personal Health Over Dangerous Pests

Although some people may not think of bees or wasps as pests, the area in which they colonize can create a serious problem. These flying insects typically nest in trees, but sometimes find their way behind the siding or into a crawl space where they create giant colonies that become a threat to residents and pets. This is why professional exterminators should be called to handle the situation. Employing the most effective methods to rid a property of these pests, the technicians will also remove what remains of the nest or hive and employ preventative measures that help deter any chance of return.


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